Kelly’s Films

For many years Kelly considered himself a filmmaker above all else. During his early twenties through to his fifties, Kelly either contributed to or produced numerous films and videos. Some of these are mentioned in the other categories on the … Continue reading →

Kelly’s Animation

In the early 1970’s Kelly Hart devoted much time refining a technique for making animated movies that he eventually patented in the United States. He called this technique Fluid Art and he created a number of short animated films using … Continue reading →

Websites of Rosana Hart

My first website was, this one you’re on, which I started in 1998. It’s been through several changes since then. Now it’s mainly where we can present all our work in one spot. Here are my other sites. Positive, … Continue reading →

Websites of Kelly Hart

Kelly has three websites on sustainable architecture, one on a solar electric vehicles, and one on ancient history. He also shares a blog with Dr. Owen Geiger ( The most comprehensive of Kelly’s sites is which covers all aspects of … Continue reading →