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Proven Advice on Llama Training — From an Expert

Can you handle all your llamas? It’s a great feeling to know that in an emergency, or anytime, you can work with your llamas.

Or—if you don’t have llamas but are thinking of it—would you like to know how to do these things?

This image shows a friend of ours learning to halter a young llama, shown in the DVD we made with Bobra Goldsmith. This young woman hadn’t done it before and she was thrilled to learn.

Often llamas understand what you are asking of them after you have shown them only a few times. Once they understand, they tend to remember. These techniques are also used effectively for training alpacas, relatives of llamas.

They are incredibly smart. I was very impressed with how much more quickly we could train llamas than dogs. In just a few days, using Bobra’s techniques, many people have trained llamas to accept a halter, walk easily with a lead rope, load into a vehicle, and perform other tasks.

Get Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith at Amazon

Here you can watch a couple of minutes from the program we made with Bobra Goldsmith:

Noted llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith trained llamas for over 25 years. Her close attention to their behavior led her to develop training methods which are easy to use and respectful of the animals.Would you like to try her techniques?

We offer you the acclaimed two-hour DVD,  Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith: What Every Llama Should Know.We produced this program… which includes this young llama being taught to go easily into the back of this van…

…and back in the day we sold hundreds of copies to llama owners all over the world at $65. Now, it’s much less.

If you are a llama owner—whether you have one llama or hundreds—this program was made for you. If you would like to train llamas for other people, this information (and somebody’s llamas to practice with) will get you started. If you are thinking of buying llamas, this program will give you a good idea of what they are like.

If you spend time around llamas, you probably want to be able to handle them.

“Pioneer llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith… inspires with her words, sensitivity, and common sense wisdom.”--Llama Life

“The program with Bobra Goldsmith has made an enormous impact on our training abilities. I am now able to halter and lead my llamas. I can’t say enough about this video. It is incredible… I recommend this to everyone with llamas. It is a godsend to me. I tried so many things to get close to my llamas, but nothing worked till now. I am in heaven!!!” –Linda Hann, USA, 2002

Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics To Train Llamas

In this program, Bobra demonstrates:

  • specific methods for initial contact
  • her “slow motion” technique of haltering
  • leading with a light hand
  • loading into vehicles
  • kushing (sitting down)
  • developing trust and willingness.
She works with both juvenile and adult llamas, including an untrained adult.
Bobra’s profound understanding of these intelligent animals is evident throughout this two-hour program.
We feel so fortunate that she mentored us in training our llamas. Making this program was also excellent for our skills, as Kelly shot the footage and edited it, and Rosana helped out, so we became immersed in her approach!
Here is exactly what you get:

1 min: What every llama should know
5 min: Initial contact with a young llama
7 min: Slow-motion haltering technique
9 min: Contact with and haltering a second young llama
12 min: How to hold the halter before putting it on
17 min: Contact with and haltering a third young llama
22 min: Desensitizing
23 min: First leading lessons
36 min: Haltering and leading an adult for the first time
43 min: How to adjust a halter
44 min: Second leading lesson, the three young llamas
50 min: Short-tying a llama for the first time
52 min: The catching ritual with an adult male
54 min: Preparing the vehicle
57 min: An adult male learns to load in a trailer and in a van
1 hr, 2 min: Kushing and getting up
1 hr, 5 min: Blowing with a leaf blower
1 hr, 6 min: Brushing
1 hr, 8 mins: Patting for desensitization
1 hr 8 mins: A female puts her head down
1 hr 10 mins: A tall male stretches up
1 hr, 13 mins: Getting a llama to run with you
1 hr, 14 mins: Lead rope under your elbow for pokey llamas
1 hr, 14 mins: Neck rope, clove hitch on post, Bobra’s bowline, quick-release knot
1 hr 18 mins: Catching, handling, haltering, first leading lesson
1 hr, 24 mins: A young male resists quite vigorously
1 hr, 31 mins: Second lesson in leading
1 hr, 38 mins: Walking around obstacles
1 hr, 49 mins: Loading in a vehicle

In the DVD… a llama jumps around while getting used to the halter. Bobra is calm.

The legal stuff, which is also common sense: You handle llamas at your own risk. We can’t guarantee your results.

You can also order the DVD at Createspace, where the DVDs are manufactured. This would be the way to go if you need a format other than the North American NTSC one.

We also made a program with Bobra on training llamas to drive to cart. You can find out more about it on our llama website, by following that link.

Get Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith at Amazon

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