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Would you like to be psychic with your pets? Have you ever yearned to know what your dog, cat, or other animal was thinking?

Maybe you wanted to help them through an illness or a behavior problem, or maybe you wanted to be closer to them. Perhaps you’ve already had moments of knowing their thoughts… or wondering if you did!

Penelope Smith offers you a new way of thinking about animals— and specific techniques to use in connecting with them.

Naturally telepathic with animals since childhood, Penelope Smith is the creator of the field of Animal Communicators. Her work has helped thousands of people enjoy closer communication with their animal friends.

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The messages that Penelope Smith gets from the animals are generally very concrete. For example, in the program, a dog shows her pictures of being thrown from a pickup truck.

With this kind of specific detail— which is often easily checked out—even skeptics find themselves opening to new levels of connection with animals. Most of us have some skeptical parts of our mind, and the program gives us the new information we need to begin overcoming our doubts.

What’s in the DVD?

This 46-minute program shows Penelope Smith talking with a variety of animals. She mentally asks them questions and tunes into what they are thinking or feeling, which she then translates into English.

A horse tells her it was separated from a beloved friend.

A cat claims it’s too old to live.

Often radical changes in the animal’s health or behavior result from this contact. Sometimes it saves their lives.

The program includes conversations with several people who have learned from Penelope… One says that she appreciates animal consciousness more now. Another is enjoying the flowering of her own ability to be a “pet psychic.”

Using the DVD

As you listen to Penelope and other people talk about their connections with animals, and as you watch parts of a workshop, you can pick up new attitudes and techniques for how to communicate more fully with animals. Please note that this is not exactly a step-by-step how-to.

You probably won’t become a a pet psychic overnight, but many people have reported exciting bits of communication soon after watching the video.

Learn how you can become more sensitive to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual qualities of animals around you.

Often people find that it’s pretty easy to pick up what their animals are thinking, but it’s a bit more of a challenge to trust the accuracy of what they are getting. This comes with practice.

I was surprised, almost shocked, that one program could expand my awareness of animals so much. — Renne, Orlando, FL

You can benefit each time you watch the program. One 8-year-old boy we know personally has watched it over 30 times!

A personal note from the producer

When my husband Kelly began shooting Telepathic Communication with Animals, I was busy finishing a book and didn’t pay much attention. Then I noticed that he was saying things like, “Julio wants to come in now.” Kelly would go to the back door at the far end of the house, and sure enough, the cat would be waiting.

That motivated me to get more involved in communicating with our animals myself. Since the program was created, being psychic with our pets has become much more natural for both of us. It has helped us many times with our own dogs, cats, goldfish, and llamas.

One day, I was sitting in a friend’s home office, chatting with her about her anxieties in starting a new business. As we talked, her cat repeatedly jumped up on her, me, and the desk. Finally she scooped the animal up and was about to take him out, when a light bulb went on in my head. I said, “Hey, I just got it that he’s trying to help. He considers it his job to make you feel better so you will enjoy your business more.”

“Oh, that makes a lot of sense!” she said. “He’s been in the office a lot lately.”

If I can learn to do this, I truly believe that you can too.

With best wishes for joyous connection between species!
Rosana Hart

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