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Would you like to have a closer relationship with your dog? Would you like to help it overcome behavior or health problems? The Tellington TTouch (also known as the Tellington Touch) can help, and you can soon be doing it with your dog.

Sometimes it makes an unbelievable difference…

Perhaps you have a dog who is afraid of thunderstorms.

Or a dog who has arthritis.

Or a dog who is hard to control on leash.

Or a dog who… well, you can fill in the blank!

The Tellington Touch includes a variety of easy-to-learn touches that you do on your dog. Unlike massage, the purpose is not to relax the muscles, but to really change the way the animal thinks. This has to do with activating brain waves and the cellular intelligence in the body. But you don’t have to get into the theory to see the practical results!

Linda Tellington-Jones

First famous for her work with horses, Linda Tellington-Jones has traveled all over the world many times, perfecting her work with animals of all species. She is the founder of TTEAM, the Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method.

Dogs have been a special emphasis of hers.

We were fortunate to work with her in producing this one-hour program. It was created at an actual four-day Tellington TTouch clinic. Our methods of creating videos are very non-intrusive. My husband and I quietly ran our cameras while everyone’s attention was riveted on what was happening with the dogs. The results are not as slick as a studio video, but the information is terrific.

How can this Tellington Touch DVD help you and your dogs?

You’ll see Linda Tellington-Jones and her sister Robyn Hood work with ten dogs and their owners. You’ll see how the dogs learned and changed.

You’ll see Robyn Hood demonstrate the various Tellington TTouches and how to do them. This section is especially useful, as you and a dog can sit in front of the TV or computer and try out whichever ttouches you feel like.

As you watch the program, you will be absorbing an exciting new way to relate to dogs and to any other animals. As you practice with your dogs, you will see that the process is really very simple.

Simple and effective!

Some situations which the Tellington Touch often helps:

  • Stress
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Fear of being alone
  • Injury and accidents
  • Toenail trimming
  • Fear biting
  • Visiting the veterinarian
  • Arthritis and hip dysplasia
  • Hyperactivity
  • Aggressiveness
  • Gait problems
  • Itchiness, hot spots

Soon you and your dog will be embarked on a very worthwhile exploration!

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A Personal Note

I am not very good with my hands (I’m a klutz!) so I was uncertain how easily I could learn the Tellington TTouch.
It turned out to be a piece of cake. I have since shown some of the basics to many friends, and they all pick it up too… usually faster than I did!

I have found that children learn it especially easily.

As for its effectiveness… it has amazed me many times. It helped Teddy Bear, our fearful Australian Shepherd, with separation anxiety. It helped Cider, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, ease the health problems of her later years. (Cider is the cover girl on the DVD, along with Linda.) It helped our wild little Basenji, Sunbeam, settle down as a puppy.

You can use It with rescue and shelter dogs. This has been done a lot, and there is an example in the program.

I go back and watch it from time to time, and I always learn more from it.

Of the 20-plus informational videos and DVDs we have produced, this is our best-selling one.

Of course, the TTouch will work sometimes and not other times — like anything else. It’s not a substitute for veterinary care, and if you are working with an aggressive dog, Linda emphasizes the need to take proper precautions.

What Others Say

Here’s a dramatic email we received from a woman who had bought this program from us.

On Sunday night we had a severe thunder and hail storm with high winds and that all happened while my husband and I were watching the video. What luck!! A true test..

Since I was especially worried about Shirley and her fear of winds, storms, loud noises, etc…, I worked on her with the circular touches while watching the video. (I’m going to watch the video again a couple more times to learn the others) It was truly amazing! She normally shivers like crazy and paces constantly during a storm and no matter how much I comfort her, there is no change. While giving her the touches, she laid on the couch next to me with such a look of love in her eyes. She even kissed me on the face, which she never has done before!! She was totally relaxed, not wanting me to stop! She especially liked the ear work.

—Robin Tassone, North Huntingdon, PA

And another customer wrote:

Linda Tellington-Jones seems so spiritually aware, so empathetic with animals, and I was fascinated watching how she heals with her hands.

With the little bit of TTouch I’ve used on the dog, especially around the hindquarters and tail, I’ve seen her lose her reserve, and race around as frisky as a puppy on walks. My ex noticed a real difference in the dog, could not believe it was the same animal!

—M.E., San Francisco

A veterinarian comments:

This easily learned work has opened whole new vistas of opportunity for veterinarians. With it, we can reassure the stressed dog or cat and help it to become a full participant in its own recovery. Perhaps more important, owners can quickly learn to use touch to form the same close therapeutic connection with their pets.

—Tom Beckett, DVM

And here is a quote from a man with vast experience with animals of all kinds:

I have seen Linda in action using this method to calm anxious and hostile exotic animals. I have on occasion used her method on my own pet dogs with good results.

—Werner Heuschele, DVM, PhD
Director of Research, San Diego Zoo


Get The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Dogs at Amazon!

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