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Geneva Weiss is a landscape artist who has worked mainly in oils throughout her long life, starting as a teenager and continuing into her late 80s. Her work has been collected by individuals and by businesses, in the United States and abroad. This is a reproduction of one of her paintings that we were lucky enough to acquire. She was our neighbor in Colorado for five years, and when we saw her art, we loved it.

Since we have published books for many years, we had the idea to do a book of her paintings. She loved the idea, and so Kelly took photographs of all the paintings that were located in our town, and did the book on one of the sites that specialize in doing color books. You can look at the book below–sometimes it is quite slow to load– and click through to order it if you wish. This will give you the wholesale price; neither Geneva nor we are making anything on the book when you buy it this way. We set it up this way by choice.

If you click on the four arrows below the book, you can see the images in full-screen mode and also read the page that tells more about Geneva and Carl Weiss, and her art. When you are done with full-screen mode, just hit the escape key.

If you browse quickly through the book, you may go faster than the images and see some blank pages. They will soon fill up; the entire book can be seen this way.

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