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Siblings Molly Hart and Kelly Hart have teamed up to present this book of their photographs taken in Hawaii. They chose to focus on the elemental power that is so prevalent in the islands. These pages convey the excitement and beauty of that wonderful place.

Born into a family that encouraged multiple creative expressions, Kelly and Molly both picked up photography at an early age, and it has been a continuous thread in their lives ever since.

Molly has lived in Hawaii for many years and Kelly visited there for the first time early in 2017. They realized that the photographic records of their experiences would combine nicely into book format. Early on Molly was drawn to the extraordinary clarity and saturation of the tropical light. Abundant subjects of sea, land and botanicals provide daily photo opportunities. Her curiosity takes her deeper into an ordinary scene to find a more abstract expression that can take the viewer into a more aesthetic experience of the inherent beauty.

Kelly began a professional career as a photographer when he was attending the University of California at Berkeley. He took pictures for the Drama Department archives and did publicity stills for the Berkeley Folk Music Festival. Several of his photos graced the covers folk music albums. He attended the San Francisco Art Institute for awhile, studying photography. If you click on the cover image you will be taken to Amazon.com where the book can be purchased.

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