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Kelly has three websites on sustainable architecture, one on a solar electric vehicles, and one on ancient history. He also shares a blog with Dr. Owen Geiger (www.naturalbuildingblog.com).

The most comprehensive of Kelly’s sites is www.greenhomebuilding.com which covers all aspects of sustainable architecture and natural building, especially as it relates to residential architecture.

This site features general guidelines for building green and living more sustainably; there are many suggested books and other media for more in-depth study.

A panel of experts are willing to answer questions from the public and these questions and answers are published online. There is a calendar of workshops and related events happening around the world, a bulletin board and many links for further exploration.


His Earthbagbuilding.com is an assemblage of an amazing array of information and illustrations showing how earthbags can be used to build all manner of homes, garden walls, root cellars, etc.

Kelly adds to this site frequently and it’s become a great source for what is going on all over the world with earthbags.

Earthbag building is becoming more popular in earthquake areas, as it generally holds up particularly well, due to the construction methods. You put down a course of earthbags, then two strands of four-prong barbed wire, which dig into the bags above and below, and you continue like that.


His third site related to sustainable architecture is dreamgreenhomes.com. There, he offers for sale a variety of innovative and ecological house plans.

This site acts as a consortium for selected architects and designers from around the world, presenting at least 150 stock plans. These can generally can be customized to suit individual needs.

Kelly has a few plans on the site himself, but mainly he coordinates getting the plans to the customers from the designers. Many of the plans are in PDF format.


Kelly also has a small site, www.sunvee.com, about the solar vehicle he invented and used to drive around our town in Colorado.

This site profiles a number of other small electric vehicles, both solar powered and not.

SunVee stands for Solar Utility Neighborhood Vehicle. This is a concept for a solar neighborhood electric vehicle.



Kelly is fascinated by the earliest of human history, and in his spare time he works on this massive project of pulling together what he learns, mostly from books. The website is humanpast.net.

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