Dear friends and family,

We had plenty of projects to work on at home this year, and that’s mostly what we did. Plus we did a lot of reading, watching Netflix and other shows, and playing with our dogs. Despite uncertainties, we did each get Moderna vaccinations against Covid-19. While there have been cases and even some deaths here in Silver City, we didn’t get Covid nor did anyone we know here.

We’ve been careful about where we’ve gone, spending time around town with a few local friends. But thanks to email and Zoom and such, we’ve been in touch with a lot of people. Most Sundays, Kelly and his daughter Ajila in San Francisco play canasta via Facetime on their phones.

Two of Kelly’s sisters, Molly and Rebecca, visited us this year.

Molly visited us from Hawaii and stayed in FULL CIRCLE (Kelly’s latest sculptural project, described below)

Rebecca, also from Hawaii, visited us with her daughter, Soral (left), on their way to find new homes in Alabama. They are driving a rental truck with Soral’s possessions. Rebecca’s partner, Art, will join them in Alabama. They have sold their homes in Idaho and Hawaii. Wow… what an adventure! Why Alabama? Art is from there.

Rosana hasn’t seen her sister in person, but they talk most weeks. She has an adorable toddler grandson whom she visits in Colorado now and then. We hope to meet him someday!

Kelly’s main work project has been a sculpted tiny home. He spent about a year transforming a 1976 travel trailer into a livable piece of art. He is selling it to a friend who plans to use it as an Airbnb here in Silver, but for now it is still in our yard. He has a webpage up with a lot of photos.

Most of the wood inlay cabinet doors are based on crop circle designs. The various woods used are gleaned from this region. Kelly enjoyed this project so much he is planning to create another sculpted tiny home this coming year. Of course, Kelly also devotes a fair amount of time to maintaining his various websites.

Rosana’s work has been mainly on her computers… her old laptop developed ailments and she got a Windows 10 Lenovo laptop.

She is working on her memoir about her father, with the working title of Science Fiction Daughter: Growing Up Weird with Cordwainer Smith. After that book, the next one in the series will be about falling in love with Kelly. She’s learning how to dictate as well as type.

The books are on Amazon, under her writing name Zana Hart. As ever, our flagship website (where you are now) has links to our other sites. Rosana’s author site shown just below here is at months Rosana’s attendance at the local Episcopal church was via Zoom, but lately she’s been enjoying going to the church itself (while masked), both for the Sunday service and for the informal Wednesday noon one. She enjoys the sense of community among the church folks.

Our dogs are fine (except when fireworks go off around the 4th of July. They hide when that happens.) Above is Lilly in her Lilly pad.

Our Nicky is twelve now. He has to go outside often to pee, so Kelly added a dog door from the house to the greenhouse and then one from the greenhouse to outside. Both dogs seem to like the flexibility, and we like being able to go off someplace for as long as we want.

Our cat Misty, who began life as a Mexican street cat, died peacefully at home of old age recently at 18. While we miss her, Rosana does like the freedom to leave her laptop open without Misty helping her.

Rosana found a picture someone put up online of the Rainbow Bridge, and she put Misty in the picture.
We don’t know if there will be another cat in our future, but we do expect that whatever happens (cats and otherwise) life will continue to be interesting. Please drop us an email with your news!

With love,

Kelly and Rosana Hart