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Would you like a deeper connection with your favorite feline? Would you like to help it overcome behavior or health problems? The Tellington TTouch (also called the Tellington Touch) can help, and you can soon be doing it with your cat.

The Tellington Touch includes a variety of easy-to-learn touches that you do on your cat. It can even be done on shy cats that won’t let you get your hands on them! (You reach them, even under the bed, with something that extends your arm, like a yardstick)

Unlike massage, the purpose is not to relax the muscles, but to really change the way the animal thinks. TTouch has to do with activating brain waves and the cellular intelligence in the body. But you don’t have to get into the theory to see the practical results!

Linda Tellington-Jones

First famous for her work with horses, Linda Tellington-Jones has traveled all over the world many times, perfecting her work with animals of all species. She is the founder of TTEAM, the Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method.

She has worked with cougars, ocelots, and other large cats as well as with domestic cats.

We had a wonderful time producing this program with her. It was created at the home of a woman with over a dozen cats. This gave Linda Tellington-Jones an excellent variety of cats to work with in showing you how to do the ttouches. I always find it inspiring to spend time with Linda, whose tremendous love for animals is matched by her effectiveness in helping them.

How can this DVD help you and your cats?

Join Linda in a unique multi-cat household, where she teaches the Tellington TTouch to the cats’ owner. You’ll witness:

  • the calming of overly sensitive Kate
  • the work with Jeremy, a kitten with a paralyzed leg
  • the gentle touches that ease Nellie’s discomfort from arthritis
  • Linda helping Ezekial to overcome his stress at going to the veterinarian
  • the ‘clouded leopard’ ttouch on timid Matthew

As you watch, you will be learning the basics of the TTouch yourself. This non-verbal communication is something you can do to make a difference in your cat’s health and behavior. It can give you a deeper connection with your favorite feline, from birth to death!

Some situations which the Tellington Touch often helps:

  • Stress
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Fear of being alone
  • Injury and accidents
  • Toenail trimming
  • Fear biting
  • Visiting the veterinarian
  • Arthritis and hip dysplasia
  • Hyperactivity
  • Aggressiveness
  • Gait problems
  • Itchiness, hot spots

A Personal Note from the Producer

I am a bit of a klutz, but I learned the Tellington Touches easily. I used them with Nia, a cat who was very sensitive to touch in her later years. More recently, I used them with Moonlight, one of our current cat companions, to help him make a long car trip with us.

Moonlight especially likes the ttouches. I often take afternoon naps with the cats, and if he wants ttouches, he simply won’t let me sleep!

I am deeply grateful for the many benefits the Tellington Touch has brought to my animals.

—Rosana Hart

What others say

A poetic quote from a noted musician:

I am thrilled by Linda’s work. As well as offering us extraordinary guidance toward reconnecting with the animal world, she shows us how to be more fully alive as human beings, by reawakening our faculty for touching. This is a great healing gift — to humans, to animals, and to Mother Earth.
–Paul Winter

Try The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Cats

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