In the fall of 2020 Kelly decided to create a sculpted tiny home based on a 1976 travel trailer that he was able to purchase cheaply.

Much of the trailer was solid enough to serve his needs, but the interior left much to be desired.

First Kelly attached wood framing to the exterior of the trailer.

Then 1 1/2 inch blue board insulation was inserted into all of the voids.

The exterior was entirely sheathed with 1X6 pine lap siding that he milled on his table saw.

All of the wood sheathing and trim was then stained and urethaned.

The door was also paneled with wood inlay pieces cut from wood gleaned from around the region.

Then it was time to tackle the interior. One of the skylights was removed to make way for an evaporative cooler on the roof. A water hose and electrical cord were embedded under the exterior wood paneling and the roof to service this cooler.





A new metal roof was installed with more insulation under it. Here you can see the cooler behind a collection of solar electric panels mounted on the roof to provide all the electricity that the home should need.

Some rustic shelving was added to the living/bedroom area, along with some fun 3D wall covering material pressed from natural fiber.

Kelly decided to replace all of the cupboard doors with wood inlay designs, either based on natural forms or on crop circles that have occurred around the world over the years.

The next two crop circle designs have embedded turquoise powder defining some of the fine lines.

The kitchen nook now has a newly tiled counter with a larger sink and faucet arrangement. The backsplash material is a vinyl/metal facsimile.. The original Wedgewood cooktop/oven was retained, as was its vent hood.

The crop art cupboard doors demonstrate visual concepts of several dimensions.

The dinette table is another crop circle wood inlay design that was heavily urethaned for durability. This table drops down to form another bed platform with the dinette cushions.

The photo below shows how the dinette is framed by a large crop art design at the entrance, guarded by a carved gecko and snake that also serve as handrails. In the background are the wood inlayed bathroom door and the front of the dual gas/electric refrigerator. Below the fridge is a new catalytic propane heater.

The bathroom was transformed with a vinyl 3D patterned shower stall, ceramic tiled counter and more crop art inlayed doors.

The water-less closet features a new composting toilet that separates the solids from the liquid wastes and has a powered vent to eliminate odors. The walls are covered by an artful stick-on wall paper. To the right is space for hanging clothes.

Besides all of the crop art wood inlays are some with more natural motifs.