Kelly and Rosana Hart work together as Hartworks LLC. We are both writers and webmasters who work with other people on a few of our projects. We started publishing books in 1985 when Rosana wrote and published Living with Llamas, the story of our experiences on our llama ranch. That same year, Kelly went to the then-Soviet Union on an Earthstewards journey with Danaan Parry.

Long a filmmaker, Kelly was very pleased with the affordability and ease of creating videos. Once back from his travels, he produced two programs about that trip (both now out of print), then went out into our pastures and began making llama videos.

In the 1990s, we gave up the llama ranch to have more freedom to pursue our books and videos (now DVDs).

We experimented with city life for a few years in Olympia, Washington, then roamed the west in a bus conversion motorhome before settling in the tiny town of Crestone, CO, where we built a home out of earthbags.

From 2005 to 2010 we lived in Mexico, then returned to Crestone. Rosana began writing cozy mysteries. She did a trilogy under her nickname, Zana Hart, and they are up on Amazon. In 2015, we moved to Silver City, NM. Will we stay put? We can’t predict, but wherever we go, we are busy creating books, websites, and photographs.

We can be reached via the contact page on this site. Our business phone is 575-956-9724.

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