The Tree of Life is for sale and you can find out more about this by contacting me via email at or calling or texting me at 575-590-1715.

Tree of Life is based on a large fifth wheel travel trailer with several expanding slide-outs that give the interior a very spacious feeling. 

The original fiberglass body was lined with rigid foam insulation that is held in place by decorative cedar shingles.

A separate metal roof is framed over the original contoured roof.

The area under the raised bedroom where the fifth wheel hitch is located has been enclosed to create a storage room.

A deck with steps leading up to it and natural wooden railings surrounds the entry door.

This means that in order to move the unit, it is necessary to dismantle several of these components before the slide-outs can be retracted and the trailer becomes roadworthy.

The exterior and interior decorative motifs relate to Tree of Life in a number of ways.

Surrounding the outside is a veritable forest of trees that weave around each other.

Even the stained glass window in the entry door depicts an entwined tree.

Inside, the marquetry shows replicas of many works of art found throughout historical and prehistorical times, such as the ancient cave paintings (below).

Or the Babylonian images below:

Or these Egyptian images:

Or from Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and Africa:

And Indonesia:Or from Mesoamerica:

and Peru.

The hand bag motif crops up in many contexts:

There is also a symbolic image representing DNA:

and a Torus.

As a three dimensional emphasis of the importance of DNA to life on Earth is a carved tree trunk that winds from the floor to the ceiling with an entwined double spiral pattern.

I have included some crop circle patterns.

At the head of the bed is a representation of the OM symbol, both in written form and in vibrational form.

This is another symbol of creation:

Here is the Tree of Life in its Jewish Kabbalah form:

And in its Celtic version:

And here is my version of the Tree of Life in its Yin/Yang form opposite the fireplace heater:

And a Zoom friend of mine asked if I would mind if he made a video about it  so here is a link to that:

I sold the Tree of Life to a couple who live near Gila Hot Springs in New Mexico, so now it is set up in this grand location.