In addition to all of the marquetry I produced as part of my two sculpted tiny homes (Full Circle and Tree of Life) I have been steadily creating more of this fascinating art, mostly using wood gleaned from our local forests. I love the natural colors and grain patterns they offer. Below are some samples of these.

This represents the mountain peaks that loom above Crestone, Colorado, where we used to live.

This is a scene from deep within a forest, adapted from a painting inspired by an ayahuasca vision.

This is my interpretation of a crop circle that occurred in 2006.

This is another crop circle design that occurred in the Netherlands in 2009. I think it represents a metamorphosis of mankind.

The next four works are based on cymatic patterns that occur when a granular material is placed on the surface of a vibrating drum or diaphragm that is bombarded with a particular sound.

The above marquetry is a replica of a photo I took of maple leaves in a forest near Olympia, Washington.

This one is also based on a photo of a family enjoying a beach  near Olympia.

While strolling in the streets of Guanajuato, Mexico I snapped a photo of an apartment building with a woman standing in a doorway, which became the inspiration for this piece.

This one I call Desert Plateau showing a scene from the desert southwest.

After our dog Nikki died naturally from old age, I decided to make this image to remember him by.