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“Is telepathy with animals for real?” we wondered years ago when we first heard about the work of Penelope Smith.

Then we invited her to come by our llama ranch. What she told us about our llamas, dogs, and cats intrigued us and led to our making a program with her.

As Kelly worked on editing the video, he frequently startled me by his own increasing telepathic abilities. Then I started noticing things too!

Telepathic communication with animals is very real, very useful, and not flaky. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!

Some tips on communicating telepathically with your animals

You are probably psychic with pets on a small scale already, and any animals you live with are probably quite adept at picking up your thoughts. It tends to be harder for us humans than for the animals to realize it’s going on, because we live in a much greater sense of individuality and separation.

If you sit peacefully for a few minutes, with the animal if convenient (but not essential), you can just let your mind get quieter. Notice I said “quieter” rather than “quiet” — you are likely to still have thoughts. Now ask your animal a question, something you truly want to know.

But for starters, don’t choose a huge important matter. You might ask, “How do you like your food?” or something similar. Then just listen, like you would to a friend, and notice what thoughts come into your awareness. It’s too early now to sort out whether they are “your” thoughts or ones you have in fact received telepathically. Clarity about that comes with practice. If you don’t notice anything at the moment, just notice over the next day or two if a thought comes into your mind about the topic.

Neither Kelly nor I are truly expert at communicating telepathically with our animals, but we do use the techniques shown in the program. We generally get results. It’s interesting when we check with each other and discover we each got the same thing!

People sometimes ask us about having private consultations with Penelope Smith. She no longer does this, but there is a list of interspecies telepathic communicators, as she calls them, on her website here. You have to go down that page a bit to see it.

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