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Kelly has been working in a new art form. At the age of 73 he decided to explore the world of sculpture, using a medium that he has worked with all of his life: wood. With an accumulation of tree parts gathered in the local forest, Kelly found inspiration for his first piece of sculpture, titled El Cantor (The Singer in Spanish). It is related to the Ents, or tree people, found in Lord of the Rings. El Cantor stands about 6′ 8″ tall and is stabilized in this standing position with his walking stick connected to the ground.

Rosana asked Kelly for “a big, black dog” for her birthday, obviously a reference to our recently deceased Rottweiler, Lola. Kelly obliged her with the creation of Lala, who is pretty much life-sized. Here she is with Kelly and Nicky.
The next challenge was a gift for a dear friend’s birthday. Kelly decided to create a sculpture that would represent the concept of Fire in Belly, which is personally relevant to this friend. For Kelly Fire in Belly can be a metaphor for the molten core of Mother Earth or for our Sun as the center of our solar system.





A whimsical piece of sculpture titled Dancing Eyes shows what wonderful forms  Nature can concoct.













The Serpent was carved from a single tree branch. It is currently installed in the lobby of an insurance agency in the downtown Silver City, NM art district.









A request for a proxy to represent a dear, departed dog resulted in the creation of Star, a Boston Terrier.

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