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Rolling Shelter: Vehicles We Have Called Home is part how-to and part just fun photos and information about the various rigs we have lived and traveled in. The bus on the cover is the largest thing, and the smallest would probably be the Volvo station wagon we fitted out to sleep in.

Rolling Shelter is a personal account of our life in two different buses, three vans, two small motor homes, two travel trailers combined into one house, and two cars.

Kelly tells stories of how we traveled through Mexico and Guatemala in a small van and then later developed a splendid home on our llama ranch in the mountains of Oregon. This book will inspire you and give you some ideas for how you might take advantage of vehicles to provide shelter in your life.

In full color, the 8.5″ by 11″ book features over 200 photographs and 5 detailed floor plans. With descriptions of how the conversions were accomplished, it is valuable both as an overview of vehicular dwelling and as a construction manual for how you might convert your own.

One of the true joys of living in a vehicle is that it can be moved to new and exciting locations with relative ease. If you like to travel, but prefer to have your own bed and your own kitchen, then consider living in a motor home of some sort.

The Chapters

  • “Our First Bus Home” shows the artistic conversion of a school bus parked on the rugged California coast.
  • “Extra Wheels” describes a versatile step van and a Navy radar van used as a film studio.
  • “Van Dwelling” features a Ford Econoline van equipped for travel into remote places and a VW Vanagon camper.
  • “Juniper Ridge” shows how we made a unique home combining two long travel trailers into one home… we could even bring some of our llamas inside to visit for a while.
  • .“Tortuga & CanDo” were both small Dolphin motor homes built on Toyota trucks.
  • “Here & There” was a full scale conversion of a 40 foot inter-city bus in which we traveled around the western United States.

The topic is all the more timely now that more people are homeless or close to it. Many of the vehicles described in the book would be inexpensive and comfortable for full-timers.

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