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My first website was Hartworks.com, this one you’re on, which I started in 1998. It’s been through several changes since then. Now it’s mainly where we can present all our work in one spot.

Here are my other sites.

Positive, Pain-free Methods of Dog Training,

I’ve enjoyed dog training all my life, and my site training-dogs.com features positive, pain-free methods. (I am not a fan of dominance ideas.) There is really quite a revolution going on in dog training approaches, and I am happy to be part of it with this site.

I draw on the works of Dr. Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor (who brought clicker training to the dog world), and others. I’m not a professional trainer myself but I do love to write about dog training and the enjoyable methods like dog clicker training.

Simple Living, Simplegreenliving.com

This site has the motto Where Simple Living Meets Sustainable Living, at Simplegreenliving.com. This ties in with a lot of my husband Kelly’s sites. This is now my main website.

Information on Llamas and Llama Training

This is an old site of mine on llamas and llama training — we used to raise these wonderful animals. I redid it completely not too long ago. Here are some high points:

An enjoyable snippet from our program,Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith. The whole DVD runs almost two hours but the little selection, an embedded YouTube video, is just over two minutes.

A free download in PDF format of the book I wrote about our years of raising llamas, Living with Llamas. It’s one of my better writing projects and I am happy to make it available at no cost to everyone now.

The Remarkable Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith, Cordwainer-Smith.com

 My father was the renowned science fiction writer Cordwainer Smith, and I have a large site about his works and his life, Cordwainer-Smith.com. I turned his enjoyable spy novel Atomsk into a Kindle ebook. (Amazon link to its page.) I don’t normally find spy novels to be fun, but this one really is… you can tell from reading the sample bit on the page at Amazon why I say that.

Mexico, Mexico-with-heart.com

 We began spending more time in Mexico in 2002, and the next year I started Mexico-with-Heart.com.

This began as the story of a trip we took around various parts of Mexico in our motorhome in 2003. This site also has a lot about living in Mexico, as we did for five years. We lived in San Juan Cosala, by Lake Chapala and the next town over from the more famous and artsy Ajijic. In 2010, we sold our home in Mexico and moved back to the United States. (We decided to move back before things became a bit rougher in Mexico.)

 Prayer: Colorfulprayer.com

A new site in 2017, combining coloring books and prayer journals for sale.

Articles: Thingsley.com

Reviews of things for the home, indoors and outdoors. Long pages with FAQs and reflections, like this one about the best patio furniture sets. Also new in 2017.

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